How to Make Your Own Fruit and Vegetable Wash


Do fruit and vegetable washes work better than tap water?

According to this video from Dr. Greger, fruit and vegetable washes generally don't work any better than tap water. Simply rubbing produce under tap water seems to remove a large amount of the pesticides on the fruit or vegetable. But what works even better? Full strength vinegar can remove up to 100% of the pesticides, but unfortunately, that gets really expensive really quickly. Is there anything better?

Salt water at 10% concentration (1 part salt, 9 parts water).

If you soak potatoes in water, between about 2 to 13% of the pesticides are removed, but a 5% acetic acid solution removes up to 100%. What’s that? Plain white vinegar. But 5% is full strength. What about diluted vinegar? Diluted vinegar only seemed marginally better than tap water for removing pesticide residues. Using full strength vinegar would get expensive, though. Thankfully there’s something cheaper that works even better. Salt water. A 10% salt solution appears to work as good or better than full-strength vinegar. To make a 10% salt solution you just have to mix up about 1 part salt to 9 parts water, though make sure to rinse all of the salt off before eating.

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Sun, 2015/08/30 - 5:29pm