Nachos (the HEALTHY version)!


This is a delicious, healthy nacho dish.


  • beans (one or more varieties)
  • corn
  • brown rice (optional)
  • salsa
  • corn tortillas if you want chips (look for corn tortillas that only have corn, water, and maybe a trace of lime)

To make the optional chips, lay the corn tortillas on the rack in an oven, in a single layer on each rack, and cook until just hard. Keep an eye on the first batch to get the timing down. There is typically a short window of a few minutes between when they become hard, and when they start to burn. In a counter-top convection oven, we usually cook 8 tortillas on two racks at 400 degrees for around 15 minutes. Timing varies depending on if the tortillas are frozen, if the oven is pre-heated (eg: from the last batch), and how many layers you have in your oven. You can take them out when they are still just barely bendy, and the internal heat should finish hardening them up. This may seem difficult, but actually it is really easy; you just need to keep an eye on it the first few times to figure out the timing of your oven.

For the dip, put the beans, corn, and brown rice (optional) in a bowl and microwave until hot. Add the salsa. Eat with the chips.

Easy and tasty!


Created date

Thu, 2015/08/06 - 12:25am