Banana Ice Cream!!


Very SIMPLE Banana Ice Cream! If you have never had Banana Ice Cream, you are in for a treat. The only ingredients are bananas, but by freezing and creaming the bananas, the result tastes like a treat, rather than just cold bananas. Experiment with toppings as you would with other types of ice cream!


  • bananas (lots of them) - let them ripen until the skins are yellow and a little spotty for a sweeter ice cream
  • (optional) vanilla flavoring to taste
  • (optional) chopped peanuts

Peal the bananas, break them in half, and place them flat in a glass container. Put in the freezer. Keep in mind that when the bananas freeze, they will stick together a little (or a lot), so pack them loosely and flat (not standing). When they are frozen, about 24 hours, take them out of the freezer, and use a spoon to pop the frozen bananas out of the container. If it is a little too hard, or they are packed together too close, let it sit for a few minutes to thaw just a little. They should pop out easier after that.

Next, run the bananas through a Yonanas (cheaper model) or a Champion Juicer to turn the frozen bananas into banana ice cream. The Champion Juicer is more powerful with smaller blades, and will produce a smoother, creamier, and we think sweeter, ice cream. It will also juice fruits and vegetables. But it does cost more.

Optionally, you can experiment by adding vanilla flavoring, chopped nuts, or other berries. We have only ever had it with just the bananas; we love it as-is!


Created date

Thu, 2015/07/23 - 1:06pm