End of Life Care


This is a very powerful article about quality of life versus quantity of life. According to How Doctor's Die, doctors are less likely to opt for intensive end-of-life medical treatments ... because they frequently don't work very well, and may cause more suffering than they are worth. Keep reading to get our take on reducing suffering in life.

From the article:

Of course, doctors don’t want to die; they want to live. But they know enough about modern medicine to know its limits. And they know enough about death to know what all people fear most: dying in pain, and dying alone. They’ve talked about this with their families.

Several years ago, my older cousin Torch (born at home by the light of a flashlight–or torch) had a seizure that turned out to be the result of lung cancer that had gone to his brain. I arranged for him to see various specialists, and we learned that with aggressive treatment of his condition, including three to five hospital visits a week for chemotherapy, he would live perhaps four months. Ultimately, Torch decided against any treatment and simply took pills for brain swelling. He moved in with me.

We spent the next eight months doing a bunch of things that he enjoyed, having fun together like we hadn’t had in decades. We went to Disneyland, his first time. We’d hang out at home. Torch was a sports nut, and he was very happy to watch sports and eat my cooking. He even gained a bit of weight, eating his favorite foods rather than hospital foods. He had no serious pain, and he remained high-spirited. One day, he didn’t wake up. He spent the next three days in a coma-like sleep and then died. The cost of his medical care for those eight months, for the one drug he was taking, was about $20.

And as we here at VegTucson always say, a whole-foods, plant-based diet can prevent a lot of the suffering and early deaths so many go through. It can't make you live forever, but it can give you the best quality of life possible. Plan ahead, eat right for your body now and always, and give yourself the best chance to avoid suffering in the future.


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