Help Us Pick a New Background


If you look at our website, VegTucson.com, you will notice we have a background picture. We like to spruce things up from time to time, change backgrounds, pictures, colors, etc. Currently, we are thinking of changing the background picture on our website and/or Facebook page, possibly even rotating through a series of backgrounds, and we would like your input. Have you taken a picture that would fit well on our site - something related to Tucson and veggies? If so, please email us your picture, and we may feature it in the background of our site and/or on our Facebook page!

Regarding the legal stuff, you will need to own the copyright to the picture, or release it into the public domain, and give us blanket permission to use the photo anywhere.

Thanks, and we look forward to what you come up with!


Created date

Mon, 2015/07/20 - 5:19pm