Save Horses: The SAFE Act


Whisper's Sanctuary is requesting help to save horses from slaughter. Please read the message below.

Sometimes God puts us in places where He needs us.

I recently learned about websites advertising animals at feedlots. To think they're gathered up at auctions all over the US and shipped to places close to the Mex and Canadian borders, since slaughter is illegal in the US, to await their fate. These "feedlots" have started advertising the horses for sale. Many of them are young, rideable, useful, beautiful. Don't look, I told myself. I knew it would break my heart.

I saw a little mule who was very cute. The rest is history. The phones had gone down at the feedlot, and new office staff was giving folks wrong information the day prior. How I got through to leave a message was surprising. That he called back was a miracle. The kill buyer was stressed with horses who were not moving, pressured because more were coming in. By the truckloads. Every few days. They don't get much time to be seen, sometimes less than 24 hrs. Then they go back on the truck to a horrific death in Mexico.

Horses have something called "mirror neurons" which make them capable of empathy. We're talking about animals who think, feel, care, understand emotion - like humans. They do not deserve a horrific and painful death such as this, robbed of dignity.

I barely know facebook. Yet myself and a couple other folks managed to get the word out, which resulted in almost 40 lives being spared. Three days with a knot in our stomachs because the phone didn't ring much. Three days of praying and praying. God worked a miracle. The kill buyer generously granted several extensions, permitting these animals to have a chance at life, as truckloads of equines went sight unseen to Mexico without a chance. All because the folks being paid to post pictures and answer calls (at an organization that describes itself as giving horses a "second chance") decided not to pick up the phone or check voicemails/messages/texts, for four days. Without any reasonable explanation.

So, in the end six are coming here - mules, burros, horses. I purchased two additional ones, a mama burro and 2 wk old baby, and donated to a TX humane society because we feared they wouldn't make it on a 1000 mile trip to AZ. People called, other rescues got involved. We saved lives. There are only two horses remaining in that group. The truck couldn't make weight so it didn't ship. The last few have a reprieve of a few days until they are at risk again if not saved. At another lot in TX, kind people stopped three trucks from shipping - in one week - by networking and purchasing equines of all kinds.

Amen! With God all things are possible. Keep praying, and write to your reps, urging them to pass the SAFE Act, which will ban the transport of horses for slaughter. One more step in the right direction to a kinder society.

If you feel it in your heart to help us with the ones we took, we'd be appreciative. The sanctuary has a donation button on the website, www.rrheartranch.com. Donations will be used for veterinary expenses and feed for the animals. The sanctuary has no funds for special things like this. (There is only so much we earn from my making food through Sparky's Cantina, our fundraising venue). I purchased the animals myself (ouch), and they will be donated to the Sanctuary. Can't wait for six more little faces to look at me and call me Mom. That part is priceless.

We are working to set up a network of local folks interested in purchasing equines at feedlots in TX and LA, awaiting death if they aren't bought and rehomed. We're going to help them with transportation too if they need it. All things are possible to those who believe.

Please pass this along to an animal lover in your life. We can all network on behalf of these poor souls until equine slaughter is a thing of the past.

Whisper's Sanctuary
See us at www.rrheartranch.com