Do fruit and vegetable washes work better than tap water?

Forty years ago, a landmark paper was published showing for the first time that many human cancers have what’s called “absolute methionine dependency,” meaning that if we try to grow cells in a Petri dish without giving them the amino acid methionine, normal cells thrive, but without methionine, cancer cells die. Normal breast cells grow no matter what, with or without methionine, but cancer cells need that added methionine to grow.

According to a report by VegNews, fumes from the manure ponds created by Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) can kill.

Fad diets. Why do people fall for them?

Why do doctors prescribe chemotherapy if it fails 97% of the time? Are there alternatives you can look into?

This is a very powerful article about quality of life versus quantity of life. According to How Doctor's Die, doctors are less likely to opt for intensive end-of-life medical treatments ... because they frequently don't work very well, and may cause more suffering than they are worth. Keep reading to get our take on reducing suffering in life.

From the article:

Of course, doctors don’t want to die; they want to live. But they know enough about modern medicine to know its limits. And they know enough about death to know what all people fear most: dying in pain, and dying alone. They’ve talked about this with their families.

Our thanks to everyone who made it out to The Loft for the PlantPure Nation debut in Tucson! It was a resounding success with an enthusiastic audience and a packed theater.

An extra-special shout-out goes to The Loft for putting this event together, the sponsors and promoters, Vegan Logic, Guy Borders, MD, for answering questions after the show, and to the vegan food vendors, who worked extra hard to bring everyone a tasty dinner or treat - Lovin' Spoonfuls, Veg in a Box, Urban Fresh, Sparky’s Cantina, Vegan Baker Ashley Welsh from Rincon Market, and Alaine's Greenheart Bakery. And another thanks to all other contributors we haven't mentioned.

While meat consumption is still growing world-wide, it has turned the corner in the US, and has been declining steadily for several years. "A world that eats far less meat, however, is already on the way. Meat consumption has been steadily declining in the U.S.—by 10% per capita since 2007, in fact." (1).

Engine2 has a new Challenge Guide for 2015.

From the document:

Hello 2015 Engine 2 Challengers-

I want to thank you for having the courage to go plant-strong and revolutionize your health! We firmly believe eating plant-strong gives you the best possible health and is the most powerful way to protect the planet. Think about it: In just twenty-eight days, you will plant the seeds of a spectacular long-lasting, healthy makeover. Get ready to take a selfie of your insides that will blow your mind and your doctor’s! And get ready to reduce your carbon footprint by leaps and bounds.

The Engine 2 Diet is a snap to follow! You will learn the foundation of the Engine 2 lifestyle in just four weeks by eating a tempting variety of the most colorful, nutrient-packed foods that Mother Nature provides: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

During this time, you will push all meat and dairy products to the back burner, as well as refined and processed foods---including extracted oils--while feasting on jillions of plant-diverse foods. That's the Engine 2 Diet in a healthy nutshell!!

If a bunch of male Texas firefighters can do this, anyone who fogs a mirror can do this!

Remember, this isn't just a 28 Day Challenge, it's an adventure in healthy eating and living.

Let’s get GET FIRED UP together! Plant-Strong

Katie Mae, of, just sent out this message. She is running a free webinar tonight about whole-food, plant-based, and probably SOS-free (Sugar, Oil, Salt - free) eating.
From Katie:
Tonight I'm leading a free webinar:
7 Ways Plant-Based Eating Can Help You Become Unstoppable in 2015.
It's all about how we can maximize our food to be successful with our goals and intentions.
Katie Mae Webinar