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To get an idea for how many people will be there, please use this meetup event to RSVP.
Join fellow VegTucson Coalition members and friends for our next mixer, a vegan potluck, to take place at Reid Park on Friday evening, April 29th, beginning at 6 pm. All VegTucson Coalition members and prospective members are welcome and encouraged to come, even if you didn't make it to the last mixer. There will always be room for more people and a need for more help!

We'll meet at Reid Park Ramada #14, which is near the first parking area north of 22nd Street on Country Club.

If you would like to bring a dish to share for the potluck, please make sure it is vegan - no animal products. Be sure to bring your own plates, utensils, napkins, serving spoons, beverage, etc. Also bring a list of ingredients for your dish, so everyone can make their decisions based on personal preferences or food sensitivities and allergies. The dish should be vegan, which means no ingredients from any animal source. For example, no: meat, fish, eggs, dairy, honey, gelatin, caseine, etc. The Ramada has electrical outlets, so feel free to bring hot dishes or slow cookers, along with a cord, if possible.

We plan to briefly review the status of the projects that are underway and enjoy each other's company!

FYI, we have several project ideas, two of which have been started:

Veganize Restaurant Menus

This project seeks to help non-vegan restaurants convert their easily convertible non-vegan menu items into vegan ones. A lot of restaurants have a lot of menu items that are almost vegan or almost vegetarian, that, with just a few small modifications (e.g.: plant-based milk instead of animal-based milk, or Daiya as a cheese option, or vegetable oil in the refried beans rather than lard, etc), would be vegan. This team will develop a strategy to approach restaurant managers and politely work with them to make small changes to their recipes to make them vegan, in an effort to serve vegans in the community and expand the restaurant’s appeal to more customers.

Event Tabling

There are a lot of events around Tucson that allow third parties to have a table or booth that hand out flyers and other information. Members on this team would go to these events to pass out information about VegTucson, the VegTucson Coalition, encourage email list sign ups and Facebook likes, share information about plant-based lifestyles, hand out other approved flyers such as 30-day vegan challenge plans, and leaflets for upcoming events that we choose to promote.

And finally, here is some more background on VegTucson and the VegTucson Coalition, and the difference between the two:

There are two main ways to see VegTucson. The first is as the publicly facing organization that provides education and announcements to the general public. This is done primarily through VegTucson.com, facebook.com/VegTucson, and through the VegTucson email list (this email, for example).

The second way to view VegTucson is through the coalition. We have a dedicated coalition website where coalition-specific information is shared (coalition.vegtucson.com), an email group, and a Facebook group.

The purpose of the public side, VegTucson.com, is simply to connect with the public, spread awareness of plant-based lifestyles, educate, offer help and promote certain events. The coalition side, coalition.VegTucson.com, is for coalition members to cooperate and organize.

So what do we do? Well, this is up to all of us, together. We are a member-run group; there are no funders, employees, assets, shareholders, executives, or other "people at the top". There is an operational team that provides some guidance, direction, coordination of effort, and maintenance of resources, but other than that, what we as a coalition end up doing depends entirely on each of you, what you want to do, and how you wish to participate.

We have some initial project ideas posted on the coalition website here: coalition.vegtucson.com/projects.

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